10/13 HS Choral Update

10/13 HS Choir Update


Good Afternoon,


I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Friday!


On Monday, October 9, we hosted Mars HIll Choral Clinic Auditions at NWSA. 10 of our Juniors and Seniors will find out if they were accepted just before Thanksgiving.


In Recital seminar, we had our first coaching session with Dr. Carl Dupont. He was fantastic and we can’t wait for him to come back.


Fall Chorus Concert:  Our first concert of the year is on October 17 at 7pm. Students will be required to be dressed and ready in E-201 at 6pm. EVERY MINUTE THEY ARE LATE IS A POINT OFF.  To be on time is to be early.


If your student needs to stay at NWSA between school and the concert, the time has passed for supervision. Please make other arrangements. There will be no exceptions.

Rules for staying between school and a concert:


  • Students will be in E-201 no later than 4:30 and will not leave the room until we perform. They will not be permitted to go downstairs to get food, performance clothes or ANYTHING ELSE.
  • I will NOT provide food or allow food to be ordered in.
  • Students will be expected to help with concert related things including but not limited to, programs, classroom set up, music collection, etc.


Event Pick up: This is a friendly reminder that students picked up more than 15 minutes late from events are out of compliance with their magnet agreement. I will be emailing these parents with a reminder that if it happens more than once, their student will no longer be able to participate in events happening outside of the school day. This includes rehearsals, concerts, and honors events. If a grade is connected to the event, the student will be able to write a paper to make up for the missed event.


CMS Honors: All CMS Honors students have received their music and permission slips. Please begin rehearsing and turn in permission slips ASAP! All tracks for the music is located on Google Classroom. I still need drivers for the event. This is a reminder that all students must be picked up from EMHS on Friday evening and and dropped off and picked up on Saturday Morning. I would like for two parents to stay at EMHS during the rehearsal on Saturday Morning. Please let me know if you are interested.


Uniforms: All uniforms have been ordered. Your student will not receive their uniform until payment or installments have been received.  Size 0 and Size 16 are backordered! We are hoping for them on Monday. I DO NOT HAVE EXTRA UNIFORMS.


Statements:  Statements went home last week. Please bare with us as we are still inputting Bank of America Payments and dress and Tuxedo Payments. If you have questions regarding something OTHER than this, please feel free to email me.


Bank of America:  If you have not signed up for your shift, they are moving fast. Please remember that if a shift is not worked by your family, you must either pay the chorus fee ($55) or fundraise at least that amount with one of our fundraisers during the year. NONE of that money will go towards the spring trip until the minimum of $110 is earned by your student. Students MUST work with an adult 18 years or older that is NOT a CMS Student. The sign up link is HERE


Recital Seminar Q1 Recital:  Our first recital of the year is on October 24, 2017 in E-201.  We will begin promptly at 1:30pm. Please plan to be on time if you would like to attend. Students who do not make above an 80  their recital jury will NOT be permitted to perform on this recital. Recital Juries take place on 10/18.


Upcoming Events:


10/17: Fall Chorus Concert 7pm

10/20-21: CMS High School Honors Chorus

10/24: Recital Seminar Voice Recital, 1:30pm

10/27: Wingate University Singers perform at NWSA

10/31: Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat presentation

11/2: Cory Lovelace, vocal coach, Recital Seminar

11/7: Choral Arts Booster Meeting

11/11-12: NC Honors Chorus, Winston Salem, NC

11/13: NWSA small group performs with Chamber Orchestra at NCMEA

11/13: NWSA Choral Department presents session at NCMEA

Have a great weekend!


Stephanie Madsen

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