9/18/18 HS Chorus Updates

Good Afternoon HS Chorus Families,


I hope that everyone stayed safe and dry during the recent storms. Luckily, we had very little damage at my house. We are only a MONTH away from our first concert. Please be sure to sign up to volunteer! All of the information below is VERY important, please make sure that you read it all!


Due Dates:

All due dates will remain the same except colorings for Men’s Ensemble and Women’s Ensemble. We will move those back one class period to enable the teaching of the material.


9/21- Women’s Chamber Performance Task 1

9/26- Women’s Ensemble Coloring 1 Due

9/26- Mixed Chamber Performance Task 1

9/27- Men’s Ensemble Coloring 1


Late work will be penalized! Turn it in on time!


Bank of America:

Sign up soon to get your spot for the BOA events. Make sure if it is your first time working that you read the ENTIRE page and do the compliance documents before you arrive! All of this can be found on the Charms Calendar. Simply click on the date and the sign up genius will come up.


We will have a training session prior to curriculum night on 9/25 in E-201. Please plan to be there if you haven’t been trained yet.


Fall Concert: Mark your calendar for our first concert of the year on October 18, 2018 at 7pm in the Auditorium! You can sign up to volunteer on charms.


Honors Ensembles:  

Students auditioning for NC Honors Chorus need to bring $20.00 to pay for their registration. I have permission slips ready to send home. Please have your student stop by and grab one if they are auditioning. Also, I have put the fee on charms as a convenience if you would like to pay by credit card. Please make sure that you are rehearsing if  you are auditioning. I need drivers for this event. I can only take 6 in my car and there are 12 auditioning.


Mars Hill auditions are on October 12, 2018 at NWSA if your student is in 11th or 12th grade and they are interested, let them know to sign up on the interest sheet, on the bulletin board outside of Ms. Madsen’s room.


9-10 All Carolinas Choir information can be found Here. This audition is self motivated. Students must submit their auditions on their own, and provide their own transportation Friday evening from rehearsal and all day Saturday if selected. I will provide transportation on Friday to the festival from school.


Find Us Online: www.nwsachoralarts.com The handbook and the calendar are located there! This is the calendar where you can sign up for Bank of America.


Classroom supplies:  If you haven’t yet, please considering donating one or more of the following items to the chorus classroom: tissues, band-aids, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, expo markers, and hand sanitizer.  We have received very FEW donations and have limited supplies for the school year.


Uniforms: The information for uniforms were sent home with students this week. Next week, students will be measured for their dresses and tuxedos. All Forms and payments are due no later than September 29/30. If I do not receive information, a uniform will not be procured and therefore your student will be unable to perform at the concert. If there is a financial issue, feel free to reach out. We can work out a payment plan if necessary. Payments can be made on Charms by check or by cash. Checks are made out to NWSA Choral Arts Boosters or NWSACAB.


HS Choral Fees:  Please make sure to send in your $15 HS choral fee to pay for our Music Theory software used in the choral classroom. Payments can be made on charms by check or cash.


Seattle/Vancouver:  Information has been sent home with interested students for our spring trip. Remember the trip is first come, first serve. Students must have turned in money ($300) and signed forms by September 21st to be included on future correspondence for this exciting opportunity. For those who have already brought in forms, please make sure that you are working on getting passports NOW.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to me to send home forms.


Charms Balances:  If you have a balance left over from last year, please know that I am working diligently to have them reflected in this year’s charms accounts. Please give me until next week to complete all transfers from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019.


UNCC Forms:  Students in Women’s Ensemble, Please make sure that you return your UNCC forms for Ms. Sherrill ASAP. She will begin teaching next class period.


This email is in place of our weekly Friday email. I will send another one out 9/27 but felt this was a time sensitive issue.


Ms. Madsen


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