October 8 HS update

October 8, 2018

Good Morning Chorus Families,


I apologize for not getting an email out last week. On Friday, we had Deke Sharon, who you may know from Pitch Perfect and the Sing Off, at NWSA to do a clinic with Mixed Chamber. Women’s Chamber also had an opportunity to work with him. I am so excited to share what we learned with you at the Fall Concert on October 18th.  You will want to read the following announcements very carefully to make sure you are 100% aware of concert expectations.


Fall Chorus Concert:  Our first concert of the year is on October 18 at 7pm. Students will be required to be dressed and ready in E-201 at 6pm. Students receive TWO FORMAL GRADES for concerts. One for the rehearsal and one for the concert.   To be on time is to be early.


If your student needs to stay at NWSA between school and the concert, I will need a hand written note no later than October 12 at 3pm.

Rules for staying between school and a concert:


  • Students will be in E-201 no later than 4:30 and will not leave the room until we perform. They will not be permitted to go downstairs to get food, performance clothes or ANYTHING ELSE.
  • I will NOT provide food or allow food to be ordered in.
  • Students will be expected to help with concert related things including but not limited to, programs, classroom set up, music collection, etc.



Event Pick up: This is a friendly reminder that students picked up more than 15 minutes late from events are out of compliance with their magnet agreement. I will be emailing these parents with a reminder that if it happens more than once, their student will no longer be able to participate in events happening outside of the school day. This includes rehearsals, concerts, and honors events. If a grade is connected to the event, the student will be able to write a paper to make up for the missed event.

Concert Attire: Concert attire will arrive very soon. If you have already paid, thank you. If you have not, remember that students will not receive attire until they have paid or set up a payment plan with Ms. Madsen.


Statements:  It is our intention to send home statements at the beginning of the month so families know what their accounts look like. We have been UNABLE to find a treasurer to fill our vacant position which has made this very challenging. Statements will be come out ASAP. If you have questions, please reach out but make sure you read the date that the statement is current.  If you are interested in the treasurer position, please let me know. We would love to have you on the executive board.


Seattle/Vancouver: We can no longer accept new participants on this trip. A trip meeting date will be sent ASAP. Please remember that there is another payment due of $600 on November 2.


Bank of America:  Thank you to all who have already volunteered! The links on the calendar is Charms should now work. I apologize that you had trouble! Please feel free to reach out to Marie White if you have trouble scheduling a shift!


World’s Finest Chocolate: Chocolate sales kicked off last week. We will continue to sell until October 22. Remember, we are only accepting bills, no change, as we are short on volunteers to count money.


Upcoming Events:

10/12: Mars HIll Choral Clinic Auditions

10/18: Fall Chorus Concert 7pm

10/22: Chocolate Sales End

10/23: Recital Seminar Voice Recital, 1:30pm

11/7: Choral Arts Booster Meeting

11/10-11: NC Honors Chorus, Winston Salem, NC


Have a Great Week!




Stephanie Madsen

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