Membership Information

We welcome all parents to be involved with the Booster Club and your child’s music education.

Please consider joining us at our monthly meetings, volunteer, or become a board member.

If you would like to be a board member; please consider one of the positions that interests you.

  • President: As the chief executive of the club, (s)he organizes the fulfillment of the mission, membership issues, and enforcement of the rules
  • Treasurer: Takes care of everything financial, from recording gains and losses to planning for new revenue streams
  • Secretary: Point of contact for all communications and records meeting minutes for the organization

There are also many others ways to be involved that do not include being a board member, they include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Recruiting, scheduling, and following up with volunteers can be a full time job
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Executes fundraising events and helps prioritize fundraising strategies

Thank you for your interest in our Booster Club and your child’s music education!