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SmartMusic is Interactive Music Software

Practice with background accompaniment. Get better faster.

Launch SmartMusic. Plug in the microphone, and start practicing.

Students sing their part with background accompaniment and get instant feedback on their computer.

Why SmartMusic makes learning music fun:
  • Play songs from a huge SmartMusic library.
  • Learn how your part fits with the rest of your musical group.
  • SmartMusic listens as you play, giving you instant feedback.
  • Move at your own pace and control the tempo and key of the music.
  • Record and play back your practice sessions. Students can even send recordings of their performances to their family to demonstrate their progress.
  • Play solos and SmartMusic will listen and follow your spontaneous tempo changes.

Making Practice Fun

Never practice alone. Get instant feedback.

SmartMusic is interactive music software that helps students practice music, get better faster, and make practicing more fun. With amazing accompaniments for thousands of titles, challenging exercises, and the ability to interact online with your music teacher, SmartMusic is the future of music learning.

Get instant feedback

When you play with SmartMusic, the software follows what you’re playing and shows you on the computer screen how well you’re doing. Correctly played notes turn green. Notes you miss turn red. It’s easy to figure out where you need more practice.

Move at your own pace

Start practicing slowly until you get the hang of it, and then increase the tempo. SmartMusic puts you in control. If you already submitted the assignment your teacher gave you, you can move ahead to new songs.

Make a recording of your performance

Record yourself singing with or without your SmartMusic backup band as accompaniment. Be the star of your own CD to share with family or friends! Or send a recording to your teacher for review and grading.

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For Students:

  1. Receive invitation code
  2. Create free profile
  3. Customize avatars
  4. Check behavior points

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For Parents:

  1. Receive parent code
  2. Create free profile
  3. Check children’s behavior progress
  4. Receive emails with behavior reports

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Remind provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents for free.  Teachers use, the Android app or the iOS app to send texts to students and parents phones without ever having to share their own phone number. Students and parents also never have to share their phone number with teachers. Ever.

Please visit to subscribe for your class.

Find your Class Code below:

  • 6th Grade Chorus = @nwsachoir6
  • 7th Grade Chorus = @nwsachoir7
  • 8th Grade Chorus = @nwsachoir8
  • Semester Chorus 6 = @semchorus6


for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

This app is highly recommended for purchase due to the amount of work that is assigned from this website.

Tenuto is an enhanced version of the exercises and calculators for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Optimized for mobile use, each of the thirteen exercises and five calculators feature a friendly touch interface enriched with lifelike graphics. Get Tenuto from the App Store for $3.99.

My teacher assigned a web exercise as homework. Can I complete it in Tenuto?

Yes, with the latest version of Tenuto, you can create official Progress Reports.

First, open the exercise in Safari on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and select “Open Exercise in Tenuto”:

Tenuto will launch and ask if you wish to open the exercise. Upon selecting “Open”, your existing customizations will be overwritten with those from your teacher, and your score will be reset.

Once you complete the exercise, tap the sticky note to display the Progress Report.

Next, tap the Share button at the bottom of the report.

Select Mail to send the report via e-mail or Print to print it out. You can also share your progress via Twitter or Facebook.