Bank of America Fundraiser

Bank of America Stadium Information

EVERY volunteer must complete, and turn in the training forms. The powerpoint presentation gives you the information needed to complete the forms.
All of this information is linked below, and is also available on Charms.


No student is allowed to work without an adult volunteer. Please be certain you sign up with the name EXACTLY as it should appear on the sign in sheet.

The Carpool shuttle lot is To Be Announced

TIPS and Expectations

  • Please complete the sign up genius CORRECTLY
    • If you are an adult, sign up under “adult volunteers”
    • If you are a student, you must be 16, and sign up under “minor”
  • Only NWSA music students are allowed to volunteer as a minor. Please do not bring along your siblings, friends, family members, unless they are 18 or older.
  • You are expected to be ON TIME. If you arrive late, you may not be permitted to enter, and that costs us money. PLAN AHEAD.
  • Please stay and help clean up until ALL clean up is complete. Check in with the group leads before leaving.

​General Information

  • One event with a student and a family member working, is for the program, to support our yearly efforts. Beyond that, the funds raised will go into the student’s impound account, which can be used to pay for the spring trip this year, or in future years.
  • Each student that volunteers needs to also bring a parent, or family member/family friend age 18 or older.
  • The uniform for each event is as follows:
    • BLACK Pants (chino style):  NO skinny pants, or leggings.
    • BLACK, rubber soled shoes (comfortable). Sneakers are okay.
    • Official Stadium polo shirt. This will be given out and collected at each event.
    • Red NWSA music department hat or visor. $8
  • A meal in the stadium will be served to each volunteer at each event 🙂
  • Parking is provided free of charge in a shuttle lot: a map is in the documents. A shuttle is provided to transport volunteers to and from the parking lot. Carpooling is required for this lot. 2 or more people in a vehicle count as a carpool. 
  • Each student must present photo ID at check in. The ID must have your name and birthdate. A copy of a birth certificate will work if you do not have a driver’s permit.
  • All belongings must be in a gallon size or smaller ziplock bag, or in a see through bag.
  • It’s important to commit, dress appropriately, and arrive on time! We receive extra money for doing all these things!
  • STUDENT BEHAVIOR CODE: Students are required to behave respectfully and responsibly at every event. This is a job and you are expected to work, with a smile, and a positive attitude. Students who fail to represent our school with pride and a positive attitude will not be allowed to attend field trips.