Bank of America Fundraiser

Bank of America Stadium Information
**Your group leads are Marie White, Fatosh Gokalp, Ann Miano, *



Compliance Documents– These must be complete prior to working a shift. Use the powerpoint below to answer questions. 

Training Powerpoint

Stadium Schedule



There is a carpool lot, Location TBA, and you will ride a shuttle to the stadium.  You are welcome to take another mode of transportation but, this option is free.


  • Be a good citizen
  • No cell phones are to be used during service
  • Use the ramp not elevator



  • Black Slacks, not jeans or leggings
  • A shirt will be provided to you at each game.
  • NWSA Music Hat or Visor
  • Closed toed non-slip shoes black shoes (COMFORTABLE)
  • Tattoos may not be visible
  • No gum chewing
  • No large jewelry


Entering and exiting the stadium:


Must enter and exit through the volunteer door.

All items must be in a see through bag.



Your name must be as it is on your ID when you sign-up.

Once you get credentials you must wear them at ALL times


Stand Number:




  • Students must be at LEAST 16 years old at the time of service.
  • Students must work with an adult 18 or older that does not attend NWSA or a CMS school
  • You will be provided one meal at time of service
  • You are required to be at the stadium ON TIME or else we are docked pay (4 hours prior to kickoff)
  • If you sign up you are expected to show up.
  • Please sign up as a student if you are a student or an adult if you are an adult. These numbers MUST be correct.